2024 Top Five Wedding Colour Palettes

2024 Top Five Wedding Colour Palettes

Jan 22, 2024Tara Collette

As wedding trends evolve, so do the colour palettes that dominate the scene. In 2024, couples are embracing a diverse range of hues to infuse their celebrations with personality and style.

Drawing inspiration directly from our current custom wedding banner orders for 2024, we've curated a list of the top trending colour palettes of 2024 that are stealing the spotlight.

1. Terracotta, Oranges, and Pinks

Sunset-Inspired Elegance: Capturing the warmth and romance of a sunset, this romantic wedding palette trend of terracotta, oranges, and pinks is taking centre stage in our custom banner orders. Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of rich terracotta accents and soft pink florals, casting a warm, enchanting glow on your special day. For those seeking bridal colour inspiration, our curated selection embraces the elegance of this sunset-inspired palette, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for your wedding celebration.


Photography: Ed Godden

2. Deep Green & Moss Green

Nature's Embrace: Inspired by the tranquility of nature, deep green and moss green have become popular wedding palette ideas in our custom banner orders. This earthy and elegant wedding colour combination invites the outdoors in, creating an enchanting atmosphere with lush greenery, cascading foliage, and deep emerald accents. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of deep green hues or seeking elegant wedding colours inspired by the beauty of nature, this palette embraces a sense of sophistication and natural charm for your special day.

Photography: Tom Durn | Venue: The White Barn

3. Hot Pink and Blush Shades

With the release of the Barbie movie last year, it goes without saying that wedding-day Barbies have influenced our custom wedding banner requests. The vibrant wedding colour suggestions of hot pink paired with blush shades are making a bold statement in these designs. This dynamic combination injects energy and joy into the celebration, from lively hot pink floral arrangements to subtle blush accents. Embracing the latest trends, this pairing represents one of the trending wedding colour schemes, bringing a playful and lively atmosphere to your special day.

Photography: Mark Horton

4. Mixed Pastels, Wildflower Inspired

Drawing inspiration from the charm of wildflowers, our custom banner orders can showcase stylish wedding colour schemes with mixed pastels, weaving a whimsical and enchanting narrative. Soft pastel shades like mustard, coral, and sage combine seamlessly with natural elements, offering wildflower wedding ideas that create a dreamy celebration reminiscent of a picturesque wildflower meadow. Embracing the beauty of the changing seasons, this palette not only captures the essence of whimsical elegance but also represents one of the seasonal wedding colour palettes, ensuring your celebration is as timeless as it is enchanting.

Photography: Mark Horton Venue: Five Four Studios

5. Olive and Neutral Shades with Sage Sophistication

Our custom banner orders reveal a rising preference for sophistication and timeless elegance with the combination of olive and neutral shades, complemented by sage green. These contemporary wedding colour ideas showcase a unique wedding colour choice that effortlessly lends itself to rustic and minimalist themes, creating an effortlessly chic aesthetic. Embracing the demand for distinctive and modern wedding palettes, this combination reflects both a contemporary touch and unique colour choices, ensuring your celebration stands out with its refined and stylish ambiance.

Photography: Stephanie Dreams Photography

As we delve into the heart of 2024, these top five wedding colour palettes, carefully curated from our custom banner orders, promise to inspire and transform your celebration.

Embrace the warmth of sunset-inspired hues, the tranquility of deep greens, the vibrancy of hot pink, the whimsy of mixed pastels, and the sophistication of olive and neutrals — the best wedding colour combinations for a truly memorable event.

These choices not only represent the top wedding colours for 2024 but also reflect the latest wedding colour trends for the year. Let your wedding be a canvas for personal expression, reflecting your unique love story with a touch of 2024 flair.

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