Tara Collette is a skilled designer and maker based in Manchester, UK, whose work primarily focuses on textiles and glass. She has gained recognition for her banner-making skills over the past six years creating works for The National Trust, Wool and The Gang and Lucy & Yak.

Studio Space

Exhibitions, Awards & Residencies

Cel Del Nord Artist Residency (Sept 2023)

Solo Exhibition, HOME Manchester (Jan 2023)

Contemporary Glass Society - ISGNE Award (Aug 2022)

1st Prize Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival (2020)

British Textile Biennial (2020)

Bee In The City, MCR (2020)

Tara regularly pursues personal projects in both fabric banners and stained glass, in addition to her commissioned endeavors. Her pieces have garnered attention and recognition through exhibitions and galleries throughout the UK.

She recently debuted her first solo exhibition at Home MCR, showcasing entirely new works that delve into themes of social justice, class, and gentrification within the Greater Manchester region.

Prior to her work in banner making, Tara worked as a Neon Sign Assembler, where she honed her skills and developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of glass.

In 2020, she taught herself the art of stained glass and incorporated it into her practice alongside her textile works. With her stained glass pieces, Tara aims to challenge the traditional connotations of church windows and create a contemporary, updated art form that is accessible to a new generation.

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