Banner Rods in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide to Affordable and Stylish Options for Your Custom Fabric Banner

Banner Rods in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide to Affordable and Stylish Options for Your Custom Fabric Banner

Jan 18, 2024Tara Collette

Here's my comprehensive guide on finding the perfect banner rods for your custom fabric banners in the UK. Elevating your banners requires the right support, and I've curated a list of accessible and stylish options to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Whether you're drawn to affordability, modern designs, or quick delivery, this guide will navigate you through the best sources, ensuring your custom banners stands out with the ideal support system!

Argos: Affordable and Accessible

Argos offers a range of affordable and accessible banner rods. With numerous locations and an easy online platform, it's a convenient choice.

Dunelm Mill: Affordable and Modern Designs

Dunelm Mill provides stylish and contemporary banner rods at affordable prices. Explore modern designs that complement your custom fabric banners.

Ikea: The Cheap yet Stylish Option 

Ikea is known for budget-friendly options, and is my personal preference when choosing dowels for my banners! While it's the cheapest, accessibility might be a concern for some. I stock Ikea dowels online here although they're not as affordable as purchasing directly at Ikea due to postage and large shipping tube. 

Local Hardware Click-and-Collect Stores: Wickes, Toolstation, Screwfix 

For a hands-on experience, visit hardware stores like Wickes, Toolstation, or Screwfix. These stores offer durable and reliable banner rods and are local to most.

Amazon: Quick and Convenient

Lastly, Amazon offers a wide selection with the added benefit of next-day delivery options. Ideal for those seeking convenience and speedy delivery. 

 Whether you prioritise affordability, modern designs, quick delivery, or a hands-on shopping experience, the UK provides diverse options for purchasing banner rods.

Choose the one that best fits your needs and enjoy displaying your custom banner with style. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have! 

Custom Banner Dowel Diameter (Velvet Banners)

Mini Banner (45cm x 55cm): Max 2cm

Small Banner (70cm x 90cm): Max 3cm

Medium Banner (100cm x 120cm):  Max 3cm

Large Banner (140cm x 160cm):  Max 3cm


Cover Photo: Jeffery Westbrook Photography

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