I'd marry you with paper rings | Taylor Swift Inspired Wedding Decor

This 'I'd marry you with paper rings' banner is the perfect Swifty choice for your special day. Crafted from luxurious navy velvet, the banner is designed with sophisticated white typography and stunning golden fringing for a touch of added elegance. The banner is ideal for wedding ceremonies and can easily become part of your home interior after the big day.

44cm x 55cm

Please note that this banner does not include a dowel due to postal fees.

For recommendations on where to purchase a suitable banner rod, kindly visit my blog at here.

Iron the banner from the back using low heat settings. For comprehensive guidance on ironing your fabric banner, please visit my blog here.

While the product is machine washable, please note that washing may result in fraying of the applique lettering. Spot cleaning with water and a mild soap or fabric conditioner is advised for maintenance.

Please be mindful that exposure to direct sunlight may lead to colour fading of the fabric over time.