Expert Advice on Hanging Banners for Wedding Decor or in the Home

Expert Advice on Hanging Banners for Wedding Decor or in the Home

Feb 01, 2023Tara Collette

Often I'm asked for advice on ways to hang a banner, wether it's a banner for inside your home or for your wedding venue, here I have summarised different effective ways you can hang your banner! 

Dowel: The banner is hung by inserting a dowel rod into the pocket or tabs sewn into the top edge of the banner. This is a great option for a wedding venue as you can attach string to each end of the rod, often there are plenty of places to hang this from. This is my most popular choice for weddings! These Amazon Extendable Curtain Poles will do the trick (make sure to select the right size for your banner)! Alternatively, most the dowels you see featured in my photographs are from Ikea (curtain poles), Wilkos (curtain poles) or B&Q (wooden dowel rod) which are all super affordable! 

Photography: Lizzie Churchill

Freestanding frame: A frame is assembled and the banner is hung on it, this is a great wedding option especially if you have a floral display or archway! The banners are often hung from a dowel from the frame with string or S hooks. 

Clothes Rails: Similar to the freestanding frame, clothes rails are an affordable and easily accessible option for your banner! With most stores such as Argos, Habitat, Dunelm and JYSK stocking these standing clothing rails from as little as £10. I use one for my Wedding Fair displays which has an extendible top rail - this could be perfect to hang a floral display from. 

Eyelets: The banner has small metal loops (eyelets) along its top edge, which can be hung on hooks or nails in the wall. This option is popular for banners going in the home or restaurants/bars. For banners which are to hang in public spaces, I recommend fixing them with washers over the top of the eyelets to avoid the banner being stolen. 

Photography: Rory Clifford

No hanging method: The banners could also have no hanging method added and the fabric is pierced by small nails or tacks in the corners. No hanging method is a popular choice for people who want their banner to be multifunctional, for example, small businesses tend to opt for this when they want their banner to be a table runner and also a wall banner (folded in half over a dowel). 

Photography: Golden Hour Co

There is a wide range of ways you could hang your handmade banners and these are just a few of my favourites! Below you can see three hanging options I can provide with your custom banner. 

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