Glass Cleaning and Care

Glass Hanging
Please use a hook or nail to hang your pieces into a secure wall.
Suction pads can be unreliable especially with heat changes (such as the sun hitting them).

Glass Handling
Stained glass pieces are constructed with solder which contains lead and some have a lead came border too.
Glass is sealed with wax when complete, however, it is recommended after handling you should wash your hands thoroughly. Lead is a health issue when inhaled or ingested.

Glass Cleaning
(Remember to be gentle as some pieces may be fragile)
Over time, lead came borders may darken - if this happens, you can use a soft steel wool pad to remove the darkness and then buff it back to its original shine using a dry cloth (I tend to use tea towels or kitchen roll)!

I clean and polish pieces thoroughly before sending them out, although some chemicals may remain which can cause a white 'mold' or 'crust' along solder lines over time. If this happens, use a dampened small brush (such as a toothbrush), dip it into some baking soda and gently brush along the affected areas. When you're happy you've removed all the white mold rinse the piece and dry it. Use a wax finishing compound to protect and polish the piece.