Bride & Groom | Blue Wedding Banner

Celebrate your special day with this stunning Bride & Groom banner. Showcase your style in photos with its elegant velvet and duchess satin combination. Enjoy having the perfect companion for your sweetheart's table or chair backs. Dowel and string are included.

26cm x 34cm

This banner includes a pine dowel and string, ensuring effortless hanging whether at home or a wedding venue. 

With a quick and hassle-free setup, the banner is ready to adorn your space within seconds, saving you time and effort!

Iron the banner from the back using low heat settings. For comprehensive guidance on ironing your fabric banner, please visit my blog here.

While the product is machine washable, please note that washing may result in fraying of the applique lettering. Spot cleaning with water and a mild soap or fabric conditioner is advised for maintenance.

Please be mindful that exposure to direct sunlight may lead to colour fading of the fabric over time.