Tara Collette: Gentrification Is Class War

January, 2023

Designed and created 11 banners and 5 lenticular prints.

The show runs until 2nd April, 2023 at HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Pl, Manchester M15 4FN

See more about the show here.

Photo credit: On The Brink Studio

First 5 photographs: Rory Clifford

Artist Tara Collette presents a brand-new solo exhibition that explores the impact of gentrification and the lack of affordable housing in our city which has seen many local communities priced out of the city centre and neighbouring areas.

Tara’s work urges us to question the difference between gentrification and regeneration and reflect on the impact it is having on communities.

The exhibition brings together a series of politically charged banners alongside a series of photographs that highlight the rapid developments in our city.

Tara satirically uses familiar advertising slogans such as ‘luxury city centre living’ that we have become accustomed to seeing in city centres, further acknowledging the absence of affordable housing and the urgent need for social housing and public green spaces. 

Tara’s work focuses on themes of social consciousness that urge us to reflect on the critical issues that face our communities and society. Taking inspiration from the anti-gentrification protests in 1980s New York, Tara’s new body of work highlights the relevance of the ‘gentrification is class war’ slogan today.   

These new artworks are a direct provocation to the housing crisis and the need to address the social and environmental issues that have arisen as a result of the growing privatisation and commercialisation of our city centres. 

11 Cotton Canvas Banners

Floor One

5 Lenticular Prints, 10 35mm photographs

Floor Two